Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Heart - it's anatomical!

I'm preparing a matchbox swap in which my partner has quite an intriguing profile. There are many cool and interesting things on her list of likes, including "anatomical diagrams (especially of hearts)". So I finished the matchbox and then started looking around for some things to include with it, and one thing led to another with fabric paints and embroidery, and now I have this:

Not sure what it is going to be. Perhaps a pendant, but it's quite big so maybe a fridge magnet. I especially like how the arteries turned out -- I used blue variegated thread. I think with a bit of stuffing it will turn out awesome. Will work on it later tonight.

Here's the swap so far: Hedgehog matchbox, Hippo stamp, little H bead, Hand, Heart, Honeybee, Hope and Hare buttons. Guess what the swap is based on? I'll give you a hint: it is a letter of the alphabet!

This is the stamp that I carved - she also happens to have hippos on her list of likes!
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