Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Inspiring Atheist Quote Postcard Swap

These don't have to be sent out for ages, but for some reason, I got into the groove early....

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Dotee doll and cat mobile

My first attempt at making one of these sweet little dolls. She is rather unruly and poorly dressed, a bit like me!

Then I made a cat mobile with some fabric scraps and beads. It cheers up my window on a dull day. Unfortunately the photos aren't the best, I really need to have some lessons on how to take photos in overcast conditions!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Another lovely day spent inside

Yes, I know I should have been out in the garden today, but it's so much fun inside! I got my hair cut this afternoon so it hasn't been a total loss. Also, I made one random card, and got another one ready for the Texture theme Handmade Postcard Club lottery.

Not a great scan, but I have used a hessian background, with ribbed fabric and fun fur on the pot, and a few tiny beads in the flowers. Had lots of fun making this one!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Sender's Choice ATC Swap

Spent a lovely day inside making my three ATCs to post off tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

New and old art

New art from Angie for my birthday!

This is a newly framed textile thing that I made a couple of years ago.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Books Fall Open - We Fall In Swap

Got my postcards out for this great fun swap today. The idea was to write a card in the voice of a favourite author or book character and let your partners figure it out. I won't give the game away in case somebody reads this, but I had fun making this collage for someone who likes pictures of dogs dressed up as people.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Oops and WIPs

I picked up one of my recently made fabric postcards a little while ago and the backing started to tear away. Due to my haphazard, random way of putting them together I used stabiliser instead of interfacing, forgetting that the stabiliser is designed to tear away with the grain. OOPS. Will have to buy some iron-on interfacing and sew on the backings again.

Here are some more fabric cards I've been working on but unable to finish (due to lack of iron-on interfacing!);
EDIT - later in April - I got the interfacing and finished the cards which have now been sent off. I did a naughty thing with one of them which I will reveal later perhaps if my plan comes to fruition.....

EDIT - 29th April - this arrived intact in Canada with an international postcard stamp on it (fabric cards are supposed to be sent with a customs form stuck on for the cost of an airmail letter (i.e. more expensive than a postcard). Yay - I beat the stupid system!!!

Purple & Silver Themed ATCs Swap

Just mucking around - these might not be the ones I send in the swap. It's hard to find a true purple!

Lovely fabric postcard received.....

...from zanylady, in the HPC: Something Blue Swap. It is made from scraps of an Ocean Wave quilt she made, and it's wonderfully soft and subtle.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Cards received this week

This very groovy card from wackystuff was from the Eye-Popping Postcards Swap on Swap-bot:

And a RAS one for my birthday was from flower74-1 on Postcrossing:

And this rather ravishing one from nordbaer on Postcrossing:

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Exciting first swap package received

What a great package to receive for my first-ever swap! Thank you OrigamiGrace, your thoughtfulness is much appreciated!

The pics are just a sample of all the wonderful things she sent....

Another two fabric postcards made

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


I've just finished re-reading a childhood favourite of mine, "Garranane" by Tom Ingram. Wonderful, dramatic black & white illustrations by Bill Geldart throughout.

Monday, 7 April 2008

A couple of things ready for the Fabric Postcard Swap

Oh, these are fun! But I'm not sure whether I should send them through the mail in case the beads & buttons come off. The black and blue one might not quite be large enough either, but there's plenty of time before the swap starts, to make many more!

HPC - Something Blue Swap

I'm quite pleased with "Blue Wave" (top) and I decided to send my partner a bonus postcard (not handmade, but definitely blue) - she mentioned in her profile that she was interested in connecting with people, so I wrote a little story about me and Stonehenge on the back.

Not sure about this one, I think I messed up the composition with the stamped squares, but I do like the cold, moody, bruised feel of it.

Eye Popping Postcards Swap

Compared with the others in this swap, I fear my cards may be quite ordinary. Lindall posted hers on her blog and they are amazing. And oops, I should have had a theme. But I did attempt to tailor them to my partners' preferences.

This one was for someone who likes cute things, so I tried to make something I thought she would enjoy. It is a paper collage with a felt heart at the top. Plus I sent a short letter to go with it:

With these two I probably took the "eye popping" description too literally!

Paper Quilt Postcard Swap

Sent to someone who likes textures:

Sent to someone who likes the combination of orange and black, and skulls (although the skull on my hand carved stamp is rather disappointing):

Sent to someone who likes the colour blue:

Swap-bot - my new obsession!

I'm not yet established there, as only one of my items has been received and rated, but my new obsession is Swap-bot!

My first swap was a private swap with a lady in the USA and this is what I sent her (plus a chocolate bar, musk life savers and some lip balm which are not in the picture):

The first pic is the flipside of my note paper drawn when I was in a psychedelic mood. Second pic shows a tie-dyed silk scarf, a piece of pretty paper, six animal finger puppets and a glasses case made by me. I hope the package gets there okay; I sent it about ten days ago!
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