Sunday, 14 October 2007

Some new furniture and friends to the rescue

I took a trip down to Ikea last Friday for a new shelving unit and four CD towers - I don't know how the warehouse boys managed to fit all the packs into my car - even had a little gap so that I could see to turn! Gerard came to the rescue to help me unload it all into the house. I spent most of Friday afternoon putting the large shelving unit together and in the evening had a little cry when I realised I couldn't push and pull at the same time to get the bloody thing together. But thankfully Lance and Tess arrived back from their holiday yesterday and came to the rescue, helping me to finish it off and move it into the hobby room.

Somehow I managed to put two of the CD towers together incorrectly yesterday. One of them had the screws facing up on the middle shelf, and the other one had both shelves facing the wrong way. I thought I could take the second one apart, but the little metal doodads wouldn't come out. I tried helping them along with the hammer, and here's what happened....

So off down the shop today for some superglue to try and repair the damage. I've glued some spare shelves to the two offending shelves so you can't see the screws. Hopefully when they're loaded with CDs and DVDs it won't be too noticeable. I'll keep them lying down on the floor until the glue has set. (Thank goodness for nail polish remover, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this...)

I've moved the lovely bookcase which used to house my CD collection to the bedroom. Some of my books have been put away on the top shelf and I think it looks lovely!

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Angie said...

I think it all is looking great!!

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