Friday, 30 May 2008

Haven't had much time since last weekend to blog, although I have made a few things which I posted on flickr. They're not the best things I've done and I'm having a bit of a lull in creativity. However, today I went on a lunchtime outing to the Salvos and $2 shop and picked up these yummy things (two scarves and a tie $3; set of beads $2). Now my mind is racing with ideas for them.

Highlights of this week:
- aforementioned cheap goodies.
- post office box full of great mail all week and latest issue of Quilting Arts.
- new Swap-bot friends made.
- loan approved and possibility of travel to Baltimore USA later this year.
- this weekend is a long weekend and I will catch up with Mum one day and stay in my PJs and do creative things for the rest of the time.
- leftover casserole with extra fresh asparagus for tea tonight accompanied by nice bottle of Shiraz.

Lowlights of this week:
- washing machine hose broke, resulting in flood of ankle deep water in laundry.
- milk carton leaked in fridge, resulting in flood of (okay not ankle deep, but little pool of) milk in bottom of fridge and kitchen floor.
- I had a haircut and nobody noticed :-(
- Filled up my car and paid over $40 for three-quarters of a tank of unleaded.

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