Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tomato Wonderland

The tomato plants are flourishing. I was so excited that I forgot to post about the first few grape tomatoes I harvested the other day. There are more on the way!

Then there are the new little flowers that have appeared on the Black Krim in the last couple of days:

And plenty of lush green growth on the others - no flowers yet though.

The sticks mark a few rainbow silverbeet seeds that I have just planted. I received them in my welcome pack from the Diggers Club. I let my old membership lapse two years ago, but joined up again in my flush of gardening enthusiasm a few weeks ago. I am stoked to get these seeds as I was planning to buy the exact same ones. Fingers crossed I will have better luck with them this time. It looks like the main thing is to not let them dry out, and apart from today and yesterday being very hot (high 30s) we seem to be having cooler weather than usual so far this summer.


Sandra said...

There is no better taste than a fresh-from-the-garden tomato.

Sam said...

I couldn't agree more Sandra! Especially with a freshly crushed leaf of basil. Mmmmmm.

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