Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Oops and WIPs

I picked up one of my recently made fabric postcards a little while ago and the backing started to tear away. Due to my haphazard, random way of putting them together I used stabiliser instead of interfacing, forgetting that the stabiliser is designed to tear away with the grain. OOPS. Will have to buy some iron-on interfacing and sew on the backings again.

Here are some more fabric cards I've been working on but unable to finish (due to lack of iron-on interfacing!);
EDIT - later in April - I got the interfacing and finished the cards which have now been sent off. I did a naughty thing with one of them which I will reveal later perhaps if my plan comes to fruition.....

EDIT - 29th April - this arrived intact in Canada with an international postcard stamp on it (fabric cards are supposed to be sent with a customs form stuck on for the cost of an airmail letter (i.e. more expensive than a postcard). Yay - I beat the stupid system!!!

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