Monday, 7 April 2008

HPC - Something Blue Swap

I'm quite pleased with "Blue Wave" (top) and I decided to send my partner a bonus postcard (not handmade, but definitely blue) - she mentioned in her profile that she was interested in connecting with people, so I wrote a little story about me and Stonehenge on the back.

Not sure about this one, I think I messed up the composition with the stamped squares, but I do like the cold, moody, bruised feel of it.


PostMuse said...

I knew when I followed the link I am one of your partners, and I suspect I know which homemade is coming but either one is lovely! I don't think the squared detract from the artwork on the second one at all.

If I am right in my assumption about which card is heading to PA, there is a very cool coincidence involved :-)

Sam said...

Oh dear, I did hesitate about posting in case I spoiled a surprise!
Maybe you're wrong though :-)
Have a great day! xoxo

PostMuse said...

I love the double coincidences... you sent me Blue Wave, which is the name of the dance company I managed for 8 years, and I sent your mom one of the postcards from my postcard project. Karma, kismet, kewl!

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