Saturday, 21 June 2008

Back again

It's been a while since I blogged - I've spent the last three evenings helping my neighbour set up his new computer and I've told him not to call me this weekend. I need to finish a swap and mail it out on Monday or I'll miss the deadline; plus I have other swap deadlines looming. It's late Saturday afternoon and I have a total block on the one that's due on Monday so I hope something will come to me when I relax in a hot bath.

I've just come in from a solid two hours of tidying up the garden, prepared dinner (beef casserole, which is cooking on the stove as I write) and am now catching up on email. Today I also went grocery shopping at 8am, went to the chiropractor, finished making two postcards, listened to some cantatas, and buried the contents of my bokashi bucket in the garden. I thought Rufus was stalking a mouse under the fridge, but it turned out to be a dust bunny, so I suppose it's time to vacuum. Tomorrow.

Glorious weather this weekend - sunny and temps in the low 20s. Chilly wind though. This week I had my ceilings re-strapped so that they don't cave in, and also had insulation batts installed in the roof. It's hard to tell if it's making any difference. The two bare-chested boys doing the installation were so so cute but they made a real mess in the garden with bits of plaster everywhere.

Off for a long hot soak in my bath, then dinner.

Here are the pics of two Morsbags that I mailed to California today...


June Calender said...

Sam, got your letter today and am checking out your blog. I like the Morse bags, first I've seen. I had to get to your blog via swap-bot, so maybe you'll have to do that to get to mine which I don't think you saw since it is at least 1/3 about quilting. Next to last post was about my most recent quilt "lesson" hopefully learned. Or maybe you can get there by clicking this response addres. I'll answer question after my 10 day vacation.ihkkz

Sam said...

Yes! I have read a couple of entries in your blog, and now I know what all the squeaking is in my house! Bats!!!!
*settles down comfortably with drink to enjoy reading more of June's blog*

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