Friday, 26 December 2008

Project 2009

Looking forward to next year, I am thinking of the various projects that I've wanted to start for some time, and have been clearing the decks for commencement in the next few weeks.

The beginning of a new year always fills me with optimism, especially this one. Two thousand eight has been a sad year in which I have lost a good friend, and other good friends of mine have lost their loved ones. But I have also seen courage in the face of adversity, and great personal growth through those losses. I appreciate my own good health and all the other good things in my life so much more. I've made many new friends who have encouraged me to share my creativity and try all sorts of new ways to express my ideas and my love of colour.

Now that I have a room dedicated to making stuff in, and all my bits and pieces are reasonably organised, I feel energised to keep making something every day (even if it's only a mess). I would like to have one main project on the go, which I can work on in between my other smaller ones.

I don't really know what to call this mega-collage project. The raw materials are pictured below: a tall cardboard box, and stacks of papers - mostly interesting pictures and patterns culled from magazines. The idea is to cover the box with the papers. It won't mean much to anyone else at this point, but there is a kind of order in the different piles of papers surrounding the chaise. (They were sorted yesterday while I waited for the Mod Podge to dry when working on some postcards). I am hoping that this order will become evident when I start gluing.

Stay tuned for periodical updates.


RR said...

sounds & looks exciting! have fun--and i'll look forward to seeing updates....

Angie said...

Just read a book where one of the characters covered a whole wall with flowers, trees & leaves cut from garden magazines, with the odd photo of friends peeping through.

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