Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Road trip

I've just returned from a very short trip down to Denmark, to accompany Rob and Cathy's family and a couple of close friends in scattering Cath's ashes on Ocean Beach yesterday (her birthday). I can clearly remember a walk we took there a couple of years ago before she got sick and it was lovely to have that memory of her flooding back. I remember the conversation we had - about opera - and the beautiful view we enjoyed from the lookout where we posed for photos which I'm sure I have somewhere.

Eleven of us (including Rob) went to scatter the ashes. We had to walk over a partly submerged bridge to get to the beach, and we all laughed when one of Cathy's nephews gave his grandmother a piggy-back over the water. The rest of us had to take our shoes off and roll up the legs of our jeans, and I got a prickle in my foot which I've only just managed to pull out (after soaking in a hot bath).

On a lighter note, I received a fantastic art doll (named Rusty) from a wonderful Melbourne artist on Monday, so I brought her along for conversation on the long drive to Denmark (over 400km each way). We manufactured a few photo opportunities, and there are more pics on my flickr. Here is a picture of her in the small country town of Kojonup where we stopped for lunch and coffee (notice the little tractor mowers in the background):

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