Saturday, 10 January 2009


... for the lack of blogular activity lately.

I've been quite busy inside and it's so hot that I haven't been out and about with the camera for ages. Here is a photo of some mushrooms that I made today for a swap, and if you head over to my flickr you will see other bits and pieces that I've been working on.

Tonight I'll be getting the spare room ready for my annual feline house guests. I really hope to actually get rid of stuff on this go-around of sorting out my place, instead of just moving junk from room to room.....

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June Calender said...

Sam, thanks for the comment on my blog; my Mac email isn't working right so I'm using this to say I wish we lived in the same place and could have nice long talks.
You're cat is VERY handsome! And I envy you having a whole room for making things in, all organized, too!

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