Sunday, 27 September 2009

Garden wildlife

Such a lovely day today. I decided to get a bit of weeding done, and I also planted my kaffir lime tree into the front garden and threw down a few rocket seeds. A few creatures of the garden wanted to have their pictures taken. This lazy bee was just wandering around, and I felt brave enough to take a close up.

I must have disturbed this wolf spider's burrow - at least I think it is a wolf spider. Wikipedia tells me they go around carrying their egg sacs. She looked about as comfortable with her egg sac as a heavily pregnant woman and was no doubt a bit cheesed off that I had made her homeless.

Of course there were the inevitable ants' nests everywhere in the garden and I did my best to avoid them. After I'd finished in the garden and was sitting back in front of the computer, I felt a little tickle in my shirt. After several half hearted attempts to brush it out, I finally took off my shirt and shook it: out fell a large bull ant. I was pretty lucky to get away from that one without a great deal of pain!


Angie said...

Makes me shudder to even think the wildlife was so near. Nice to have rain today after gardening.

Sam said...

There wasn't much rain about down here. We had a little bit overnight but only a few drops during the day. Just enough to not make me feel guilty about staying inside in my PJs all day :-)

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