Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday off

We had a public holiday (Silly Old Bag's Birthday) in Perth today so I took full advantage by staying inside sewing in my PJs all day. Bliss.

I started yet another little project and worked on a few others, but the only thing I finished was another little house. Ho-hum. I get a bit bored making the same things over again so I wanted something a little different to work on. So I got out the fabric paints and slapped them onto some calico, let it dry while I was eating dinner and have started doing some simple embroidery onto it.

The pic is scanned so the colours are a bit out, so I'll take a proper photo when it's finished.

My little container of thread ends was starting to overflow, so I decided to get the embellisher out and needle-felt the thread ends to a piece of black felt. The result was a very interesting textured fabric which I will cut up and use later in something else, but it looks quite good as a piece on its own. A bit like a cross-section of Jackson Pollock's vacuum cleaner bag.

Sometimes I think keeping a container of thread ends that are too small to stitch with is doing nothing to discourage my habit of hoarding. But I just can't bear to throw these things away.

Here's a funny photo from last night. The boys wanted me to come to bed, but I was on the computer, so they both tried their usual trick of jumping up and sitting between me and the monitor. I took a photo and even when I was downloading it they refused to move, so I took another one of them with the first photo showing on the screen in the background.

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