Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I've had a busy few days, with my brother visiting from interstate. It was so lovely to see him! On Monday I took the day off work so that we could go up to visit our mum. Whilst the three of us were out driving, there was a sudden wild storm and my car got pelted with hail. Thankfully we and the car suffered no damage, but it was a bit frightening and all the traffic came to a standstill. My electricity was off for almost 24 hours.

So I haven't had a chance to do much embroidery except for a bit this evening. Last Saturday morning I made another of Pink Penguin's fabric baskets. I love pink and lime green together.

I bought a new TV on Monday, and I can't believe that we now have no less than eleven free to air stations now that digital TV is here. I really only got the TV so that I could watch DVDs on a big screen instead of my laptop, but maybe I'll check out a few of the shows. I haven't owned a TV for a few years so who knows?


chick chick sewing said...

Oh, my! I can't believe that you survived the sudden storm with hail, 24 hrs power outage, and even a new T.V. purchase, yet you still managed to make this lovely patchwork basket... You're a supergirl, Sam!

Sam said...

LOL, maybe I should make myself a special cape! But these baskets are so easy and once you have made a few, it takes no time at all. Thanks, chick chick!

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