Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A tiny embroidery

I'm loving the flower heads and seed pods in my new book, and today I embroidered one of the flowers and made it into a little card.

After work, I took my sewing machine to be serviced, but alas, the man at the shop told me that servicing my machine would probably not fix the problems that it has been having, which he thinks are electrical/computer related. I will have to dig out my warranty and check whether it is still valid and then sort out repairs with the manufacturer.

ETA: I dug out the paperwork and luckily I purchased an extended warranty which is good for another six months. It looks as if I need to take the machine back to the shop where I bought it, so I'll have to take a drive out to Midland tomorrow.


chick chick sewing said...

Another lovely embroidery work by Sam! It's so colorful and cheerful, and I love all the french knots :)

Lucky you, that you were able to get the extended warranty for your machine. Hope it gets fixed soon, because for gals like us, we just can't live without a hardworking sewing machine, you know! Good luck ;)

Sam said...

Thank you so much, chick chick! I miss my sewing machine, but I have a few hand embroidery projects to keep me going until it comes back.

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