Sunday, 14 March 2010

Seven things

My blogging buddy, the awesome MafiosaGrrl, tagged me a few days ago to think of seven random things about myself, and pick seven other people to play.

So here we go.

1. My ideal day of leisure consists of the following: sleeping in, coffee, soft poached eggs (yolks only), asparagus and mushrooms on toast, pottering around, having a long bubble bath, coffee, browsing the interwebs, doing a bit of embroidery, coffee, reading, doing a puzzle or crossword or playing online scrabble, sewing, coffee, daydreaming, watching a DVD, enjoying some music, coffee, smoked salmon, trying to wake up Eddie and Rufus for a game of ping pong, going for a walk by the river, gazing at my garden filled with flowering bulbs, hot chocolate, more reading or crafting or web browsing, journaling, or writing a letter, not thinking of work, drifting off to sleep with music in the background, dreaming pleasantly. My ideal day of leisure is devoid of real-life social interaction, strenuous physical activity, and any kind of housework.

2. The thought of pregnancy, childbirth, babies, and small children fills me with fear and revulsion. I’m relieved to have made it to the safety zone of my mid forties without having had first hand experience in any of them. On the other hand, if human women could give birth to kittens, I might have been the mother of many.

3. I am sort of a failed greenie. I love the idea of an organic garden, but it’s not quite working for me. My bokashi bucket makes me sick to my stomach every time I open it up, and the liquid that drains out of it is evil. Last week I accidentally spilled a tiny drop of it onto my hand, and even after immediately soaking in a bath and using copious amounts of soap I could not get rid of the putrid smell on my skin. I’m going to take the bucket back to the eco-shop and see if I can trade it in for a compost bin. It’s definitely going the way of my worm farm (a.k.a. cockroach farm) which I ended up giving away to a friend. Also, I traded in my pathetic water-saving shower head for a proper one after a few days of trying to do my ablutions under a tiny trickle. But I am conscientious about recycling and I always carry morsbags for my groceries instead of using plastic bags. I can’t eliminate plastic bags entirely, otherwise how would I get rid of the used cat litter?

4.  I have the following shoes: sandshoes painted by mummysidey, sandshoes painted by me, new trainers, old trainers (promoted to gardening shoes when new trainers bought), Mary Janes for work, Doc Marten MJs, one pair of extremely uncomfortable court shoes for emergency social events and job interviews (not worn for three years), and my old suede desert boots. I have wide, flat feet and must wear orthotics, so nearly all my shoes are comfy, functional or fun.

5. I think the fashion and beauty industries are having a great big laugh.

6. I’m old school. I love my CDs. I love the smell of books. I love browsing in real bookshops, especially the ones where you can have a cup of coffee and linger in the easy chairs.

7. I should eat more of a variety of foods. I choose healthy foods and cook pretty much everything from scratch. But I tend to eat the same things day in, day out, especially breakfast (porridge with fruit in winter, wholewheat cereal with milk in summer, occasionally eggs and mushrooms on toast at the weekend) and lunch (tuna and avocado on wholemeal toast). I tend not to add sugar or salt to my food. For someone who is so sensitive to smells, I am quite a low taster, and being very much a creature of habit, I know the tastes I like and stick to them. I love a good curry but tend to make them all the same. My basic home made sauce is variations on a theme of coconut, ginger, coriander, chilli, black pepper, lime or lemon juice, which goes equally well with vegetables, fish, chicken or beef.

I think that's it!

I would love the following people to play along:

Angie in Yanchep
Rebekah from dontcallmebecky
chick chick


MafiosaGrrl said...

i freakin love your 7 sooo much. your ideal day is absolutely perfect for me too!! and your purple mary janes are just divine.

Sam said...

Thanks, MG! Those purple shoes were an absolute bargain if I remember correctly, I got them from St Vincent de Paul (well, not the guy, but his second hand shop) :-)

chick chick sewing said...

Sam, your "seven things" were so fun to read!! I feel like I know you more and I love it! I'm also an old school, who loves browsing real bookstore smelling books... Oh, and I'd definitely want to try the soft poached eggs (yolks only?), asparagus and mushrooms on a toast...yum!

BTW I've always enjoyed reading these tagging stuff on the blog world out there, but never thought about posting my own...OMG! I need a couple of more days to think about it... so stay tuned!

Sam said...

Thanks, chick chick! I'm looking foward to learning more about you too!

RR said...

I like your 7 things a lot! (And in the usual RR/sunnysidey cosmic coincidence, a number of them are true about me, as well.) I've posted 7 things on my blog; it's my longest blog-post ever.... Have a great day!

Sam said...

Thank you, RR! Do you get told you drive like a nanna? I do, but then remind the person that I've never had a speeding ticket in my life :-)
Thanks for playing, it's great to know more about you!

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