Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Garden, Rufus and tooth update

See? Not much different from the last garden pic I posted.

Pet-wise, all has returned to normal in the Sunnysidey household - Rufus just had his final check-up from the vet who gave him the all clear to remove the collar. Now he had better stop waking me up every day for a 4am feed. To be on the safe side I am going to give away all my indoor plants, just in case the claw problems have been caused by Rufus nibbling or scratching on any of them, as he is wont to do.

Today I saw the oral surgeon who will be doing my implant. The good news is that he can do the extraction and install the post at the same time. Even better news is that I don't have to have another impression taken for my temporary denture, since my dentist kept the last one that she took for my other implant. That is a load off my mind -- believe it or not, the impression casting was the thing I was dreading the most out of the whole procedure.

I have finally found a hay fever tablet that works and doesn't make me too drowsy, and now that I have a little more time to spare (through not having to pamper Rufus) I feel like getting back to my daily walking habit.

Oh, and my Windows 7 DVD is expected to be delivered to me at work tomorrow.

Life is good.


marionjoy said...

hey sam... give us all the down low on the hay fever tab...

glad rufus is out of the woods...

Sam said...

It's called Fexo 180. I'm also supplementing with Beconase inhaler. If you suffer from hay fever and you're coming over here, make sure you bring something - it's bad this year!

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