Saturday, 14 November 2009

Lovely day

Today is a perfect day, not too warm, with a nice light breeze and fluffy white clouds. I gave all the plants some Seasol to celebrate. The only things really going crazy in the garden are the strawberries (little fruits already) and the gazanias (probably my favourite flower).

There are also a couple of baby blood oranges which I hope I will eventually be eating. The tree itself is still tiny.

I managed to get a nice shot of the kangaroo paws at work yesterday.

I spent most of yesterday evening upgrading my computer to Windows 7 in between bits of embroidery and reading. It went without a hitch and only took a few hours. So far so good: all my files are still there and everything works. I need to complete my entry in a journal round robin and do some more work on a swap this weekend so might be a bit busy to get on the computer very much to check it out.


Angie said...

Glad W7 went well. It was a good day to get out in the garden, fed my lot with compost tea.

marionjoy said...

W7 is supposed to be great.. glad you got into the garden, was lovely here too... with the plants eagerly looking skyward for their sunny reward

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