Saturday, 21 November 2009

Teeny Weeny Ziney

I intended to update my blog during the week but ended up spending most evenings selecting, drawing and embroidering little things for my latest project. It's for the Stocking Filler Matchbox swap on Swap-bot. If you are one of my three partners in this swap, don't read on, otherwise it will spoil the surprise!

It has been a good week.
-- I got four new shirts (the first time in years that I have bought brand-new clothes instead of op shop clothes. In preferred colour order, they are turquoise, cerise, black/white striped and purple/white striped respectively.)
-- I had some really nice feedback on some swaps that I recently sent out.
-- we had lots of rain.
-- the garden is growing. :-)
-- and today I received a flickr mail tag inviting me to participate in an artists' exchange which should be so exciting! The lady I am to send to is someone I have swapped with before and she is a very talented artist, so the pressure is on to come up with something lovely for her.

Anyhow, back to the project at hand. Since the zine I'm making is so tiny (to fit inside a decorated matchbox), and I wanted to include different sized embroidered images, I am going to make it concertina style. It will be very simple but I hope effective and different. There are a few words to go along with the pictures:

I haven't chosen which pictures will go along with the words yet, and I still need to embroider one or two more.


marionjoy said...

i like the tiny writing .. would be good to read it too ...

Sam said...

Well, I should have it finished later this week....I have something for you so I'll pop a copy of the zine in with it and hopefully you'll get it before you go away!

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