Monday, 4 January 2010

Back to reality

First day back at work after the 3-day new year break and it was hard....but has inspired me to draw a new design for my next stitch book page. It's already almost 8pm and that's all I've really done, apart from going for a walk at 5am and getting doused by the sprinklers, going to work, going to the vet to get the special cat food, an emergency visit from the plumber to fix the toilet, and a visit from the handyman who will be building a new letterbox for the strata because our old one is about to collapse. Feeling slightly frazzled but I'm sure the week will get better. It would be nice to be Eddie or Rufus for a day.


RR said...

The light through the colored curtains is just amazing!

Sam said...

Yes, the photo came out pretty similar to how it really looks, with the whole room bathed in a warm glow!

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