Friday, 1 January 2010

Blue sky and blue water

Blue skies, and blue water. I should really get back into my habit of a daily walk - it seems a crime not to, when I can exercise in such a beautiful area, with the river, the bird sanctuary, city views and sometimes horses on the track across the water. I've let life get in the way a bit, because there's always something else to do.

I did a little colouring today with fabric paints onto a Colour Catcher. For those who don't know, Colour Catchers are small sheets that you put in the wash which are supposed to absorb the dyes that come out of your clothes and keep them looking brighter. Therefore they are ideal for fabric painting since they take colour really well.

Today I'm going to start a new textile project which will allow me to explore both fabric and embroidery more deeply. At the moment it's just a fuzzy idea in my head, which will develop as I go along, but the basic idea is to take a small piece of fabric about four inches square and embroider on it. I want to learn some new stitches, and I thought about doing a stitch a day, but that might be a bit much, so I'm going to just do each stitch until I feel comfortable with it, and then move on to the next one. I would also like to try different fabric paints, dyes and other fabric treatments, but again, I will leave it to whatever floats my boat on the day. At the end of the project I will choose some of the pieces and make them up into a little book.

I've looked at a few different fabric books on the internet, and I've been wanting to start making one of my own for a while now. And there's nothing like the start of a new year to get motivated! Happy new year, everyone!

P.S. I am loving the new Blogger interface - so much easier for adding pictures!


Angie said...

Perhaps you could learn to stitch while you walk. Just joking. Nice idea for a little book. Colour Catchers? I've been looking for those under another name, can't remember what for now!
What new Blogger interface?

Sam said...

It looks different. Maybe it's just me :-/ I have never seen the pictures as they load - only the HTML code. Colour catchers are great, quite nice to stitch on. I've just put up a pic on my flickr of this afternoon's work.

chick chick sewing said...

Happy new year, Sam! I've never heard of "Colour Catcher" sheets here in the U.S. (we have "Dye Grabbers" used for the same purpose, but they are towels and not paper sheets :( Anyways, I think it's such a creative way to bring everyday supplies into art and crafts! I love the colors you painted, too. BTW you live in a beautiful area!!

Sam said...

Thank you, chick chick! Happy new year to you too :-)

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