Friday, 1 January 2010

Stitch Book

I made a start on my textile project this afternoon by doing some simple straight stitches and couching. Whilst I sat stitching I thought a little bit more about the little book I am going to make.

I think it will be more of a book of experiments than anything else. It might contain a lot of unfinished pieces but ones which will let me see the kind of stitching that I want to take further into a bigger projects. Then I won't have the pressure of trying to produce something "artistic" each time, but rather have the freedom to see what I like, what I don't like, what works well, what doesn't, and hopefully get some feedback from people here and on flickr.

So anyway, this was done on a ground of Colour Catcher (according to the website this is a "a dense 3D-polymer matrix" - it doesn't seem to be woven or knitted so it's pretty easy to stitch on although it tends to leave a little hole when pierced with a needle). I painted the sheet with a mix of Setacolor and Jacquard fabric paints. I particularly like the shimmery purple one.

I only used 3 threads: yellow and orange DMC cotton floss, and green DMC Light Effects floss. The Light Effects floss is great for couching, less wonderful for stitching, but I love the look of it either way.


MafiosaGrrl said...

Wow, this is amazing. Very cool idea. Your paint job gave it so much depth, love the shimmer. Can't wait to see the finished book.

RR said...

Happy New Year to you, Sam! (I spent part of today embroidering circles, too!)

Sam said...

Thanks, MafiosaGrrl! And RR, I'm looking forward to seeing your circles, if you want to show them that is! Happy new year to both of you.

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