Sunday, 17 January 2010

String blocks finished

Apologies for the size of the pictures but I don't want to totally give the game away to the others participating in the string quilt block swaps here and here, should they happen to be reading this blog. Anyone else can click on the images to biggify. Each pic contains four separate blocks, one for each partner, which I made look like a quilt using a mosaic maker. Even though they are quite different, because they were made with the preferences of each partner in mind, the symmetry of the block placement gives them a nice unity. They were such fun to make, especially since I hadn't really looked through my stash for a while. It was good getting reacquainted with some fabric I'd forgotten about! Now I want to make a quilt. I think when I receive my partners' blocks I will make a couple of cushion covers, since there will be four of them in each swap.

While sewing I've been listening to a CD that I bought the other day. It's a brilliant mix and really takes me back to the old days (now I am realising just how long ago).....Here's a youtube excerpt with several of my favourite tunes mashed up together.


chick chick sewing said...

Wow, beautiful blocks! I've never heard of mosaic makers, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun... tempting, tempting... :)

Sam said...

Thanks, chick chick! For the mosaic maker, go here: - very easy to use, just upload your photos and the software does the rest!

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