Saturday, 2 January 2010

First stitch book page finished

I think I'll consider this first page for my stitch book finished, but I would love to do some further exploration of the same theme, colours and shapes for another piece I have in my head, entitled "Branching Out". (Exactly how I'm going to fit this in when I'm doing a new page for my book each day is something I will have to figure out.) But I enjoyed painting and working with the Colour Catcher and I think the piece would have been quite different if I'd used a woven fabric. I will have to give it a try on homespun and see how it turns out. The embroidery was done freehand and there are some awkward looking areas. If I want my spirals to be more perfect I think I will have to draw lines to guide my stitches first.

The difficulties I had in this one were the usual ones when working with metallic thread: mainly how to start and end a line. In this case I just tucked the ends on the back into the couching thread and made several knots as I went. This is maybe okay for my book if it's not handled too much, probably okay for mounting in a frame, but not exactly durable for everyday use. Colour catcher is fine to stitch on without using a hoop - always my preference.


Mim said...

I forgot how much I like stitchery. I like what you are doing so much.

Sam said...

Thank you, Mim!

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