Sunday, 3 January 2010

Good morning

Perth is in for a very hot day today so I got up and out for my walk just after 5. The moon was still out and there was a nice coolish Easterly.

It was already about 25C when I got home. Gave the ungrateful buggers in the vegie patch a bit of extra water and some Seasol, pleaded with them to get their act together and then came inside for the day and closed all the curtains.

Yesterday's stitch book page was a bit of an effort to complete. I daubed a bit of paint onto some cream coloured homespun but I forgot to take a picture of the piece before I started embroidering. Then I used these threads:

and just did running stitches plus a few little french knots. I'm not wild about how it came out but the texture of the stitching is quite interesting. I purposely did all the stitches randomly but I will try doing them evenly another time. I should really start trying out a new stitch or two: after all, that is really what the book is supposed to be about! Not crazy about the House of Embroidery pearl cotton - I have quite a few skeins of it and will probably use it in a weaving project that I'm thinking about doing. It hasn't got enough sheen for me to be able to enjoy it in embroidery, but the colours are nice, especially the variegated ones which will probably look really good in a little woven pouch.


fleasha said...

I love your work. It inspires me.
you inspire me.

Sam said...

Awwww, thanks, Flea! You inspire me too! <3

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