Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Daily photo

I'm going to try and take at least one interesting photo each day and post them here. Actually I have two today, as I started this little plan yesterday but didn't actually get around to blogging last night.
Yesterday's pic is a mural I only noticed for the first time on my walk yesterday. It is just above the side of the Oxfam office down the road from me! Wow, street art in Bayswater!!!

Today's pic is of Sid's chicken who was visiting my garden in search of herbs (which she found. Grrr). As I rushed inside to get the camera, Eddie made a swift escape, but as soon as he got out he came face to face with the chicken. He has never seen one before and I think I managed to capture his puzzled expression quite well. In the picture you will also see a traffic bollard which turned up in my garden a few weeks ago. All sorts of things seem to turn up in my garden lately!

P.S. I think the chicken has been hanging around for a while, because the other day I found a poo next to my bin that made me think that the pigeons were stealing too much birdseed from the feeder.

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