Monday, 27 October 2008

Going, going, gone, with bonus bird

So this morning before I left for work I checked the tree and only the bare piece of string was left. As I was sadly taking a photo, a bird flew across the field of view, and I captured it in flight. It's that blurry thing just to the right of the letter box over the road (to the right of the tree). You may have to click on the picture to actually see it. Somehow the picture of the bird softened the blow of the mobile being pulled down, and all is right in my world.


jill.sellers said...

Hi there Friend! I haven't visited blogs much...but just finished a yoga class at work and found your blog through swap bot. Your pictures so beautiful and your writing cracks me up sometimes! It's nice to get a peek into your life. Sorry about your mobile. That stinks that it's gone, but maybe someone who really needed the inspiration found a piece? That's what I believe happened. (happypup)

Sam said...

Hi Jill, thanks for your nice comments and for visiting my blog! Sam xoxo

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