Thursday, 16 October 2008

Poppy Petal

I didn't post yesterday - I totally forgot! I was finishing off four swaps which I mailed out today. Did you hear the loud sigh as I clicked on "Sent"?

I need to start cutting back on swapping as I have just been given the go-ahead by work to select a training course and work towards another certification. And they are footing the bill, which will run into the thousands of dollars. The cost of a five-day course, multiplied by three (for airfares, accommodation, etc., as none of them are run in Perth) with the prospect of an expensive six-hour exam at the end of it. I estimate that for every hour in the classroom, I will need to spend at least five hours in home study. I am already quaking in my boots.

Breathe, and focus on the flower above.

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