Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Hiding Spider

I must apologise for today's picture which is a bit crap.

There's a permanent spider web across the driver's side mirror of my car. I thought quite an arty photo could be made if I sprayed a light mist of water from my ironing spray bottle, and captured the sunlight glinting on the water droplets that would land gracefully on the web.

However when I sprayed, a fairly large black spider crawled out from behind the mirror looking very cross that I'd disturbed her home. She was a bit shy when she saw the camera, and retreated back inside. In the meantime I had pressed the nozzle a bit too hard in my fright, resulting in more of a downpour than the light mist that I had intended.

1 comment:

RR said...

I really like that you posted this photo & talked about your process of taking it!

And I wrote on my blog about a spider's web on 10/8. Since for part of my 10/8 it would have been 10/9 for you, that means that we were both blogging about spider webs on the same day? Or at least on the same day-ish!

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