Sunday, 26 October 2008

Now you see it, now you don't

I'm a bit bummed at the moment. I made a mobile out of old CDs and shrinky dinks (photographed in a previous post) and hung it in a tree outside my house this morning at about 8:30am. The shrinky dinks had the words Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Cupcakes on them and they were tied together with string, with little bows in between and old CDs at the bottom. It looked nice hanging from the tree.

By lunchtime someone had broken it. All that is left of it is the Peace shrinky dink and a red bow. I will leave it there and hope that everyone who goes past will still like it and see the word Peace.

Derek and Neville have a new friend, Margaret. She arrived with her little parasol and handbag and is very ladylike, but her eyes give away an inner confusion. She has also made friends with Rufus.

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RR said...

It is a bummer about the mobile. I run the risk of sounding preachy, but what's important is that you put something lovely out in the world; that's an act of creative courage. Though part of the world behaved badly, it doesn't diminish the creativity or courage of the act itself! And what a wonderful thing to include Cupcakes along with Peace, Respect, Love, and Unity!!

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