Saturday, 11 October 2008

New (Old) Bicycle

Today as I was heading off for my usual walk by the river, I noticed that a new bike shop is opening up on a corner not far from my house. I had a little pang of regret that I'd gotten rid of my old bike because it was such a pain to maintain (I never even got the hang of pumping up the tyres) and the nearest place I could take it to for all the little repairs was miles away.

A little while later I passed by a skip bin with a perfectly good (if a little rusty) bike propped up next to it. I wasn't able to ride off into the sunset on it, because the back tyre was flat (and it was the middle of the day), but I wheeled it home. I'm now waiting impatiently for the bike shop to open its doors so that my adopted treadlie can be fixed up for carefree pedalling adventures in the summer.

A true story.

And here's a picture of some lovely flowers in another shop around the corner.

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