Tuesday, 14 October 2008


The temperature reached 30 Celsius or thereabouts today, not a bad time for me to take an enforced break from walking (my hip bursitis has kicked in once again).

I got good mail today: no swaps, but one double CD (the latest of the John Eliot Gardiner Bach Cantata series). I can't wait to listen to it! It lifted my spirits after a mopey, dull day spent feeling glum about my visit to the optometrist. I have just ordered multi-focals after discovering my eyesight has deteriorated quite badly over the past year (the probable cause of my recent slight headaches). But I picked out some nice purple frames (at least I *thought* they were nice as I squinted nose-to-nose with myself in the mirror). I was told to expect deteriorating eyesight now that I'm in my mid-forties. Thanks a lot :-(

I found a bird's nest on the pavement right in front of my house on the way back from checking my post office box. It is now nesting in the dust on my bookcase with the other nests I have collected. So here are some nicer pictures than the ones I have posted the last couple of days:

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