Monday, 8 February 2010

Day Eight

I made another bird last night, along with two little hearts on a string, and took the whole ensemble in to work this morning. I am pleased to report that they were happily received by the person I made them for. They looked quite sweet in their little cage, but didn't photograph as well in the cage as they did hanging freely:

Today I received a couple of packages of things I'd ordered last week: some ATC supplies, a set of watercolour markers, a thing to make fabric yo-yos with, some plain coloured cotton fabric (for starting a paintbox quilt), and a set of plastic hexagon templates.

I got onto the hexagons right away, but found it strangely stressful! I can't explain why - I am more than happy to sit and embroider for the whole evening, but sewing these little shapes together was nowhere near as enjoyable. Anyway, I made eight of them and joined them together into a flower shape, then stitched them onto a piece of linen (that part was not so bad). I think I'll call it a night, and see what I can make of it tomorrow.

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