Saturday, 20 February 2010

Days Seventeen to Twenty

It has taken me quite a few hours to embroider this tea towel, but it's finally ready to be gift wrapped and given to my friend when she pops around in a little while.
In case you're wondering why the crystal ball looks a little different, I have used glow in the dark thread. And it really does glow in the dark! The rest of it was done in Madeira silk and DMC cotton floss on linen. I really enjoyed this project; it was a nice chance to wind down each evening after quite a stressful few days at work.
I was lucky enough to win the Sew Lovely Embroidery Mad Ink transfers, which includes the fortune teller pictured here and many other beautiful designs, in Mafiosagrrl's fabulous giveaway last month.

And I am continuing my blog giveaway winning streak! Putting idea books to use is a wonderful challenge from Rebekah of dontcallmebecky. She invites people to participate in the challenge of making a project from a book, and posting a pic of it in her flickr group or blog link. Right up my street. Check out all the awesome things people have been making, and think about joining us, as it's an ongoing challenge. Thanks so much, Rebekah!

My Thing-A-Day for today is not started yet, nor even decided upon. I've had a busy day and won't be able to start anything until later this evening. But plenty of things are running around my head!


MafiosaGrrl said...

she looks lovely! What kind of glow in the dark floss did you use? I've never seen a variegated kind before. Great job, I'm glad you are liking those patterns :)

Sam said...

Thanks! I used the Sublime Stitching GITD thread - all five colours (not variegated).

MafiosaGrrl said...

Ahhh, I see. You clever gal you, had me fooled! Well, either way it's looking good :)

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