Saturday, 6 February 2010

Day Six

Last night I had a strange dream. I was in a bookshop, and feeling frustrated because I wanted to get a particular book off the shelf to look at it, but there was a woman standing in the way. She kept on moving in front of me as I tried to grab the book. Finally, she grabbed the book and bought it. I was really upset because it was a handmade journal, and it was unique, and I desperately wanted it. I tried to talk her into letting me buy it but she just ignored me and marched out. I asked the cashier if I could order a copy of my own, knowing that I wouldn't be able to, because it was a unique one-off book. The cashier handed me a pen and started telling me to write all these things down. She told me to write on the floor, which I did, and then I saw that I had written on the floor and started crying because I had messed up the beautiful shiny floorboards.

I woke up with a fair bit of pain in my left shoulder and had to make an emergency appointment with the chiropractor. I had put my neck out again. Maybe because I'm all tensed up trying to get used to my new glasses? Anyway I had a nice long walk and a warm shower and the pain has eased up a lot.

This afternoon I managed to get some embroidery done on an ATC for the Vancouver exhibition. It's the first embroidery I've done for a couple of weeks and it was lovely to get back to stitching again. The ground fabric is homespun with a pattern of circles that I prepared yesterday using freezer paper stencils with crayon.

Tonight I am going to take it easy, maybe watch a DVD, and get a few things ready for making some felt birds tomorrow. I might even go offline - it looks as though there might be a thunderstorm. I hope so!


Angie said...

Did you try & grab that book with your left arm? Sorry to hear about the glasses.
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I like the sound that makes

mischief said...

You're now on my REAL wall yay!

check the flickr for full annotations


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