Thursday, 4 February 2010

Day Four

This is the last little thing for my swap with Mim. I started making it last night and finished it off after work today. It's a bag with a really clever design. It's a little bit like a Morsbag, except with boxed corners and a 6" square pocket inside.

But here's the clever bit: the bag folds up into the pocket and is neatly fastened with the button!

I made it with linen and cute Little Red Riding Hood cotton from Japan. I covered the button with the same red polka dot fabric that I used for the handles and the loop.

The pattern is from one of my favourite books:

Finally, here's another couple of bags:
Shocking. I hope I get used to my new glasses soon. People have been telling me I look tired :-(


Sandra said...

I love this Sam. As far as the tired goes, I've only seen you smiling so it's hard to tell if you are tired or just being serious. :)

rachel johnson said...

That bag is really ingenious. Does it allow for much leniency in the sewing, or do you have to be perfect?

Sam said...

I'm not tired, but I guess my eyes are!

The bag is pretty simple to sew, as long as you cut it and iron/sew the seams accurately, it all fits together great.

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