Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Day Two

I made two things today, one of which is for my swap with Mim. Hopefully she will not look at this post. Mim, if you are reading this please go and study!!!!

Read about and see a picture of the first thing - a worry doll - here.

Since we are also swapping a Japan themed matchbox, I decided to make Mim a kokeshi style worry doll when the first one didn't work out. This one is made from shrinky dink coloured with Sharpies, with a scrap of blue fabric for the kimono.

It turned out nice and simple and small enough to fit into a matchbox.

I received my swap from Mim today, and among the beautiful things she sent me, there was a fantastic tiny kokeshi style worry doll! Great minds think alike :-) I'm sure she won't mind me giving her a kokeshi worry doll as well. They are both quite different in character and materials used.

1 comment:

mischief said...

Simple but effective Sam. Lovely piece

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