Saturday, 27 February 2010

Day Twenty-Seven

I did make something today, but it's for the embroidered button swap and there's a pic of it here. My sewing machine is ready to go to the shop, it's really playing up, making a bad noise and the stitch length keeps changing in the middle of sewing.

A few months ago, I sent off an apron on an embroidery round robin, and I received it back today, beautifully completed with some lovely work by some of my good friends on Swap-bot. Isn't it fabulous?

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chick chick sewing said...

Hi, Sam! I hope your recent cut and bruises are healing and you feeling better...:( I just checked out your button fabric pouch, and it's so cute! It matches so well with the pink lining and the zipper. Love your color combination, always:)

Sorry to hear about your sewing machine, but after you have it serviced, you'll be more than happy with it (just like I am with my machine right now)! Yes, it takes time and $$$ to have it tuned up, but it totally worth it, I think!!

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