Saturday, 13 February 2010

Day Thirteen

Another ATC. I'm almost there!
Also, here are some pics of a wallet I made - not today, but it has now been received by my swap partner so I will past pics. It may be the most complicated thing I've ever made, not helped by the fact that the instructions contained two errors. I had to unpick the whole thing at one point because one of the pieces was upside down. But it's a nicely designed pattern anyway, and I got to use some cute new fabrics. It is from  "Zakka Sewing", one of my favourite books.


chick chick sewing said...

OMG What a lovely bunny wallet!! Is this the one from the "Zakka Sewing" book? If so, I own the same book, and I've always wanted to try to make this one. I think you did an awesome job, despite the errors (!) contained in the instructions. I like your color combinations (pink + linen) than the one on the original book!

BTW I've made a bunny pencil case from this book and it's on my flickr page ;)

Sam said...

Thanks, chick chick! Yes, it is from that book. It's such a great book, I want to make a few more things from it. If you do make the wallet, the error is in the second part of step five where it tells you to put the red floral print/green polka dotted piece wrong side up. It should be right side up, as it appears in the diagram. You also need to iron on the interfacing to the second piece of fabric A which the pattern omits to tell you. Other than that it's a good, easy to follow pattern and I'm sure you will have no trouble with it!

I'm going to look for the bunny pencil case on your flickr - that really appealed to me too!

Kate said...

I love the wallet, that book is on my covet list! I also love the ATC, the contrasting circles are great

Sam said...

Thank you, Kate! You should definitely get the book :-)

Rebekah said...

so adorable...It almost looks like the bunny is covering her mouth right before a sneeze.

That little japanese calico print is adorable too

Sam said...

Thanks, Rebekah!

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